I'm Hooked

I’m Hooked. Hooked On Cotton has been my username around the web for a while now. I love crocheting with it.

I’m Hooked. Have been since about 1975. Thankful they taught crochet in school. Glad our local school still does. Teaching my daughter (finally) and her littles now.

We’re grandparents of 17, so far. They keep me busy with ideas. We live near 6 of them so we have a pretty good selection of models.

We just (ha, it’s been a year) moved into a fixer upper. Major fixer upper. Still a few things that need done. (maybe always?) But location is great. Across from a baseball field, so it’s like a big yard someone else takes care of. :slight_smile: We have it very livable and cozy. But the size seems like 1/10th of our last place.

Struggling with yarn storage. I bought a lot on end of year clearance sales. I think I should use up a bunch of the bulky yarn, to get the tubs for the rest. What a plan. Also, I’m slowing down on buying more. (Unless it’s … you guessed it, COTTON.)

I had a major issue with the last c2c project I made. I usually use Red Heart Super Saver yarn for those types. However, I knew I would need more bright yellow before I was done, so I ordered it to be delivered. Turns out, it was a darker shade. Still the same name, with no dye lot. The company explained it to be because of Covid and suppliers. While I understand, I told them they should have discontinued the color and renamed the next. Not sure how many others have the same issue, just be aware.

We have been happily married for a long time. Jerry helps my crochet, as a sounding board. I keep trying to teach him, but no. Retired and loving it. We just bought another electric smoker after a year without one. Our first meal in it was awesome. Looking forward to many more. We have a small garden. Garlic and walking onions are coming up already. We have the best dog. She is amazing. I could do a complete post on her but not today. Her name is Cleo and she is 5 years old. Half lab, 1/4 beagle and 1/4 schnauzer.

But, back to crochet. I had a mini stroke years ago, and since learned to read patterns. Pretty sure, that helped me to heal. I have started creating my own patterns a few years ago. A lot are just adapted from others, so I will not be posting them. Most are custom orders. Conversing with people about what they want / need / like and making them something special is the absolute best. I have a couple large c2c picture blankets I’m doing now that were created that way. I love this hobby.

Enough of me. Tell me about you. <3


I had a pulmonary embolism several years ago so I can relate to how great it is to get more creative and learn new skills like reading patterns (that’s still something I need to learn). Maybe once I retire - lol! Enjoyed reading your story! Although my mom taught me when I was six, I wish we were taught crochet in school. I’m in Canada; where are you from?


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Born and raised in South Dakota, and now just over the border into Nebraska.

I’ve made a C2c picture before that is such a big accomplishment! I’ve tried to teach my hubby to but it didn’t work out lol

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This is my favorite. I like to call it “US”. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s on a queen size bed for reference.
(since it’s mine, I didn’t finish weaving in the ends yet.)


Nice to learn more about you Marilyn! Sounds like you’ve got lots of awesome things going on. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Wow that is so amazing

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Nice to meet you. I’m struggling with yarn storage as well these days! :weary:

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It could definitely be worse. :yarn:

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This was fun. I started with the pattern listed here, the Cozy Rib Cowl. I added a bottom and turned it into a hat for a large adult head. Then, I felted it and it now fits the syrup bottle, just to dry to shape though. Too fun. Could be addictive. Definitely making more. First time felting for me. Have you ever felted anything?


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That’s really cool! Check this out @HanjanCrochet :purple_heart:

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