Im opened to test!

Hi guys :hugs: ! Im new here but starting to have the hang on it :sweat_smile: welll i hope lol!! :rofl::rofl:

Im posting to say that i would like to test for you guys! Crochet for 2 years now and really like to try stuff animal, amigurumi…

If youre opened that i can make it in a different color or yarn :grimacing: because stuff is expensive :sweat_smile::rofl:

Ok thanks :green_heart:


Congrats on being available for testing!

You’ll want to keep an eye out on the testing zone for tester calls and reply to those when you see something you’d like to test.

Got any questions about the process, or anything you’d like more info on?


Ive applied on a few, i understand thay i will be contacted if im chosen… but i wanted to post out there that i can help and test i guess !


No worries at all! If you’d be interested, I have a piece I’m not looking for full testing on yet but do need to test out. It’s for a set of floral accessories for headbands and headsets. You could test that if you want. I’ve only tested one of the three versions out yet to make sure the pattern works the way I want it to


What can help with getting chosen it having journals of your makes. A journal is like a “review” of the pattern when your finished or even progress journals.

As a designer I know that I almost always look at my applicant’s makes to see their skill level and what they tend to make. And its one of the factors that can come into play when choosing testers.

If you don’t have makes but have a public account somewhere to showcase your finished projects, I would suggest leaving a link to that in the comments of the testing call you are applying to.


Yes ! It would be my first one !


Ive put my Instagram in my profile :blush:


Hi I just had a tester call for a mini ZomBee and a candy corn bee if you’d like I can send you the pattern since my testers are still testing ? Just let me know


Why not :blush::green_heart:


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