In Honor of ALL who served

In my family, my uncle, my daughter, my son in law, my brother in law all served.

How about you?


My family and I thank them all! God bless them and you. :hugs:

My grandfather, uncle, father, brother, 2 cousins, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I’m not sure if there’s anyone else in my family.


My father was in WW2 in the Army Air Corp.
4 of my siblings were in, one in the Army, 3 in the Air Force.
My son retired Navy.
My daughter in law is almost retired out of the Air National Guard.
My granddaughter is in the Air National Guard.
My grandson will be joining the Air Guard also soon,

One of my grandkids school did a program (online for me) and I bawled through it. I am so appreciative. Thank you all who served, or are serving.


I really should check the forums before I post lol

But to answer your question
2 grandfathers, 2 uncles, step-FIL, 4 siblings & husband (current)


How funny about us both having 4 siblings that served and that we both had 3 in one branch (in my case it was 1 USAF, 3 USN)


In my family the following have served:
My Maternal Grandfather in the Navy
3 of my mom’s brothers served, 1 in the Marines, 1 in the Army, and 1 in the Navy
Both of my stepfathers served in the Navy
My aunt’s ex-husband and her current husband both served in the Navy
And my son is currently serving in the Air Force.


Thank you, in my family there were a lot who served. My grandfathers on both sides, my father and father-in-law retired from the Navy, I served six years in the Air Force and my daughter is in the Army :military_helmet::heart: