I have stated before that I own very few fiber arts books, and rarely use other people’s patterns.
But this book was in a box of random stuff at a yard sale so I happen to have it laying around.
I have mentioned I have a type of dyslexia that effects my ability to conceptualize some math and space concepts…this makes diagonal knitting and crocheting very difficult. Things like chevron and ripples boggle me. I can figure it out eventually, but it takes a lot of drawing on paper and counting and frogging to get there. My current project is very ripple/wave/chevron heavy and I remembered I had this book. I thought it might help me with a jumping off point in my math. NOPE.
This book is pure garbage.
In the 18 patterns I have attempted so far, there has been at least one error in each pattern, some had multiple errors. Either the starting numbers do not line up with amount of stitches being made, or a line of the pattern will cut off and not finish the instructions, or it will tell you to repeat while leaving the from “here to here” part blank. A few of the patterns do not match the picture on the page. And while I’m at it…there are only 94 patterns in the book, Jan :roll_eyes: 47 knitted and 47 crochet, the remainder is just the same pattern in a different color, not a new pattern.
How did this even make it to print?!
Avoid this book, and to be on the safe side, her whole collection.


Thank you for your review. I think it would be helpful to have more book reviews in the community.



Write! That’s so disappointing. I would hate to pay for something for it to end up like that.


Wow, that’s so disappointing! Sorry to hear your experience but thank you for sharing it!