Good morning everybody.
I have an instagram since 2020 that was initially about sewing, but now it has all kinds of crafts that I do.
But I’m thinking of creating one just for crochet, what do you think about it?


It could be worth it if you do a lot of crochet and want to promote that work specifically. I occasionally showcase other crafts on my Instagram but it doesn’t get as much attention as my crochet stuff cause the following is very much split into categories on IG. More often than not, people follow accounts for one particular thing.


I started posting crochet on it this year, but I only do it as a test.
His engagement is low and there are more people from my country that he follows.
I commented with a friend about this idea and she was sorry to change Instagram since there have been things since the beginning of the pandemic.


I think it could be a good idea! But if you dont wanna start over you could always just use the sewing account. Just archive all the sewing post! Thats what ive done before

Currently I have a instagram where i post all my crochet & occasionally my other makes too. Like winternightmare said. Some people may only follow for one certain project! But sometimes they will follow because theylike the variety! I know some people with sucessful blended accounts so i guess its personal preference :slight_smile:

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she has a very low engagement, and the majority that follows was because of having sewing.
I even created one earlier, but I still feel sorry for the older one

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I see. Low engagement! I think everyone is going through an algorithm problem tbh. Ive had low engagement since i started my account in January!

I think its best to find supportive friends & engagement groupchats! Ive seen my account improve with that in just this week :slight_smile:


I’m going to try to go after that, it’s kind of varied, there are months when engagement is good, but there are months when it’s very bad

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