What do you all think about Instagram? Or any other social media really. I don’t create my own patterns but I think it would be fun to have an Instagram to show what I’ve made. I know I would open myself up to criticism but I just have an ever mounting pile of finished projects (and unfinished :smiling_face_with_tear:).

Is it worth having those things if I don’t make my own patterns?


you should make Instagram and other social media accounts over there you get to show others the things you create and you also get to find some other crocheter fellows and on top of that you can also get orders through them. It really is not necessary to be a pattern writer.


I’m not really a fan of social media or anything owned by facebook / meta. Their ethics and policies towards privacy are very concerning, with their main goal being to achieve profit with little regard for anything else. I understand that for many businesses it is an effective way of marketing themselves, but for the average user there can be many negatives to using these platforms that they are unaware of.

Personally, I think sharing on ribblr is the best way of showing others your work. The community is very supportive and positive (as well as full of people who also create things and will appreciate your work).

It is absolutely worth having the things you’ve made. They are accomplishments that you enjoyed creating, even if you don’t share it with other people. If you feel like you have too many of them, you can look at selling some at a market maybe. They can also be stepping stones to gaining experience and learning techniques, for if you’d like to make your own patterns in the future :slightly_smiling_face: