Does anyone know if we can find out someone’s Instagram handle so we can tag/follow them?


If they have it written it’s on their profile, of course you can always ask as well :smile:

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I just looked at your profile and shop and saw your’s is not listed. Some people put them there. Followed you and got your free pattern though. Thanks.
Also, if you search the community for Instagram, there have been several posts in the past asking. You may find a lot that way. I used to search Instagram for Ribblr and find like minded people there.

Thanks for the reply. I have put my Instagram handle in, so I am not sure how to make it show. I will search the chat.

And you’re welcome for the pattern - I hope you like it :smile:

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We temporarily turned off direct links as we’re working on improvements. Soon you’ll be able to click on anyone’s community profile and click a link to their Pinterest/Instagram/TikTok.

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