Interest check and/or opinions/feedback for my no/low sew tortoise pattern

This is my 2nd pattern ive ever written but feeling like its kinda meh looking and kinda doubt it would get much interest or that if anyone would like to make it? Depending on the feedback i might try to rework on this pattern before having a tester call for it.

I guess im iffy on the leg shape/size, and probably the head as well. I haven’t embroider the eyes yet, so ignore that.

Any constructive opinions and suggestions are welcomed!

Voters will be hidden so that i can have more honest opinions :blush:

  • I’d make/test it as is!
  • Looks good as is, I wouldn’t change it.
  • Needs work
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Your pattern looks pretty good! I only have a few suggestions. Maybe you could try making the head a bit slimmer and the front legs angled more towards the head, to make it more tortoise-y. This gif seems like good inspiration for a tortoise shape:
Coming On My Way GIF by Susanne Lamb
The overall shape and shell look great :blush: However i think if you add more details you can get more interest since there are a lot of turtle patterns already out there :green_heart:


I see what you mean :thinking: Thank you for the suggestion! Already working on my 2nd attempt (one in the picture is my prototype) so I’ll certainly be going through this pattern again and add more details in there as i go :grin::purple_heart:


Honestly I think it’s perfect and I would test it.

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Aweee you’re so sweet :blush: I’ll certainly keep some elements of the prototype the same, and hopefully you may still like to test/make it once its ready :purple_heart:

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