Interest Check! - Lizard - My very first pattern I've written!

As the title says, my very first pattern ive ever written! Im fairly happy how it turned out despite a lot of trail and error.

I was simply curious if anyone would actually be interested in making and/or testing this if/when i write it up on Ribblr.

I written all the instructions in my physical journal so I’d need few days to figure out how to basically translate it all into Ribblr. I think i might have to tinker with the eye postioning though :sweat_smile:

This pattern would be free!

Edit: its fairly low sew too! Only need to attach the legs, the embroidery of the eyes are optional!
Edit 2: I’ll see about making the pattern into a no sew! :blush::purple_heart:
Edit 3: its 8 inches from nose to tip of tail using weight 4 (worsted) yarn with 3.50mm hook.

Poll is for those who may be shy in public situations but still want to voice their opinion in a way :wink: Dont worry, i understand, I have social anxiety.

  • I’d Make it!
  • I’d Test it!
  • I Like it
  • I love it!
  • Not for me
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That is super cute! I would totally make it, but when you make the legs, you could attach them by making them onto the body. Where you want the legs, you could chain, slp st about 2 or 3, (ch 3 or 4, slp st,) x2, then slp st down the body. You wouldn’t have to do that, but then it would be a Noso. Love it though! I would definetly get it!


True! I had thought to make it a no-sew but was concerned about the legs kinda being awkwardly positioned in the final result. I might have to fiddle around with it but i could still offer instructions for those who might like a no-sew version instead in the pattern :blush::purple_heart:


Yes. I think more people would be interested if there was a noso version. That’s all the rage right now, it is nice when I am market prepping, especially last minute (Which I almost always am, like right now!)


It is a very good pattern though. I think i’ll make a ton when it comes out!


Aweeee i’m happy to hear it! :grin::purple_heart: id love to see/hear that my little lizard might hit some markets! :sob:

But yeah, I’ll certainly see about working on the legs in a more no sew fashion! Thank you for the prior mentioned tip! :blush::purple_heart:


I’m so excited for you to post it!


So cute


I would love to make it when the tester application comes out .


That is adorable!


@ShortClarice and @SageStitchesByLana thank youu~ :blush::purple_heart:

@Lunacuncuna I’d love to have you on board when i put out the tester!~ for my first pattern, i was thinking of accepting everyone to test who are interested, just to be extra certain it comes out just right :blush::purple_heart:


Okay and thank you in advance.


aww that is so kind of you! you did an awesome job with your first pattern and I’d love to test! :heart: :heart:


i’d love to test this cutie for you! i agree with @EllaCrochets12, ppl would absolutely LOVE it if it was no sew (including myself)


I posted the tester call! Here’s the link where you can apply at :grin::purple_heart:

@leaders Can you lock this please? :blush::purple_heart:

Edit : Thank you :purple_heart:

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