is it possible to see who your shop followers are?

hii everyone! i was just wondering if there is any way to see who your shop followers are exactly just because if u wanted to do a giveaway or smt (ik they have a spinner thing already) but like if u did double entries or if u wanna make smt follower exclusive or make it a requirement to follow ur shop. ty all in advance
-mimi :purple_heart:


Im not sure. Maybe ask @Ribblr


I mean you have shop manager? It will show all your information I don’t think they have a spinner. The last giveaway I just used one online and put 2 of the same user in if
they have a double entry. Here’s the website I used


Unfortunately there isn’t a way to see the people who follow, just the number. For giveaways there is a built in randomizer of the followers, but that’s the closest you can get to it. I’m hoping ribblr adds this feature in the future