Is it worth selling on here after deductions and fees?

I’ve been crocheting for 4 months now and am now ready to start selling. I’ve had a bit of experience the past couple months learning how to write my own patterns and creating them. I’ve learned a lot during these past couple of months and am now ready to start selling crochet projects, custom crochet projects, such as the exact sizing needed and colours, and selling my patterns. Ribblr and Stripes both have a little deduction fee for selling stuff. Fellow crocheters, is it worth it in the end after fees and deductions? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance. - Justine (crocheted by justine)


I think so! It shows your patterns to so many crafters! I have published my pattern recently an so many have seen it. I don’t have other social media so it works great for me! :relaxed:


I see it as worth it. I’m making the pattern anyway. The trick is to price it right. (Don’t ask me what that is though). I try not to make it too high so it doesn’t sell, but like you said, it has to cover the fees. The way I see it, is I have a little more money than I did before. Someday, I hope to publish my big seller. Someday. :blush: Good luck. Excited to see what you create.