Is it wrong?

This is my first try at a grinch head as an ornament for my dad. Many have commented that it’s inside out??? Is it? How will I know?


That is a good question. Something I’ve struggled with myself. Here I have something that I was able to turn inside out so you can see the differences. Pretty sure it will still make a good ornament.


This post by All About Ami might help

Just remember that you can make your amigurumi how you like!! If you like it “inside out” then that’s perfectly ok!


That was very helpful Mia. Even to this seasoned crocheter. Thanks


So I think it’s something to do with how the stitches look… when you’re working in the round with magic circle there will be a tail for that to tighten the hole, you want that to be on the ‘inside’ when you pull to tighten that hole while you’re crocheting. It looks great! :blush: It’s personal preference, really, and this one is inside out but it still looks really great :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes am with @NoKittenAroundStudio always the tails to close the mg circle should be inside this really help if you not sure so don’t cut the yarn from beginning and keep it as it is to help you with it and to know which side is the right one. Also, when you crocheting keep yourself observe your work and understand better the stitch how looks like this will make more easy for you from the beginning to know wich side is right even for the flat items. And for the one you maid looks really good i think when you finish the face and all other decorations will not be so noticeable. Waiting for the final work :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart::green_heart::wink:


It’s really a personal preference. If you like it the way it is, you can leave it “wrong” side out. Some patterns require you to differentiate between the “right” and “wrong” side, so for those purposes, it’s helpful to know the difference. Technically it is “wrong” side out, but if you like it that way, leave it! Lots of fiber crocheters prefer their pieces that way and there is nothing wrong with that. :slight_smile:


Thank you


This is the finished one I made afterwards. I’ll post the inside out one later in the week when I put on the face​:grin:


Hi there! A good way to determine the wrong side from the right side of your crochet work with amigurumi is to look at the stitches on each side.

The wrong side will look like bars, while the right side will look like V’s.

A good practice to get into when crocheting amigurumi is to flip your work when done to make sure the right side is showing. I flip mine after I get the first or second round done and then I don’t have to worry later.

I actually have a video on TikTok that shows you an example on how to determine this. Find me @summerbug46!

It looks like your Grinch ornmanet is inside out, however the stitches are nice and clean so it still looks good. Great job! :blush: Remember that crochet is a continual learning process, but you’ve got our supportive community to help you along. I’d love to see it when its finished!

Hope this helps!


Thank you I will have to check that out


It will be a goid example/ sample for your work