Is there a way to publish a pattern without using Ribblr Interactive?

I have a shawl pattern I would like to offer here but the charts are complex and enormous - to the extent that I absolutely DO NOT want to enter it into the interactive chart builder. Is there a way to publish a pattern here without having to use rib build and create charts? Can’t I just upload a pdf and have it attached to be downloaded? (if not, then I don’t see how Ribblr will ever work for complex patterns).


Hi there!
You don’t have to use the interactive chart builder. You can attach charts as a file or image in your pattern, and even make them downloadable if you wish. For existing patterns you can easily copy and paste the written instructions to make your pattern interactive.


So I have to split up my PDF and enter each chart separately? (attach it as a file?)

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Yes, you can use our quick copy and paste feature to add multiple lines from an existing pattern with just a single paste. If you copy from the original file (Word, Pages, InDesign) then our system will automatically format and split your lines for you. Then simply attach your charts. This is the simplest way to convert your pattern and make it interactive :blush:
We will automatcally create a listing for you and translate and convert measuring unit in your pattern so more crafters can enjoy it!
This will help you get started: