It doesn’t mean (poem)

Wrote this a while back in January so it’s not new but I really like it so enjoy. I was an emotional wreck that day. Not a good day at all…
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
How do you expect
Me to keep going on
Just fine
But I’m not
I’m on the verge of tears
Because you keep making us suffer
Just because you think someone’s an idiot
That’s my idiot
Just because you get mad
Over some little thing he did
That you wont even tell us
Doesnt mean
I dont enjoy his company
Doesnt mean
I dont want his friendship
Doesnt mean
I dont love him

Thirty minutes later
Im crying
Because I can’t
Let my emotions out
Onto paper
So now
I can’t hum
I cant calm myself
And now I can’t


This is so good