It makes a huge difference!

I have been creating and designing in the yarn craft arena for over 40 years (did I mention that i am an old duck?!? ) - my yarning crafts include: hand knitting, circular machine knitting, crochet, crohooking, freeform crochet, loom knitting, Tunisian crochet, and pretty much everything in between. I have taught these crafts for many years, and I am a sign writer/graphics designer by trade which has helped me with designing logos and tags for my various projects.

But… my point is simply this: as a creative person, and I am sure many of you will attest to this, we live for the freedoms that we have in our creative thinking. This requires a very special kind of environment to thrive in, and it can often be difficult finding like minded people to “hang out” with in a creative sense, But for me, in my very short time on Ribblr, I have to say that this community absolutely amazing! Everyone is just so thoughtful and encouraging. There is no animosity or jealousy at all and the kinds of comments that I read on not just my own very few posts, but others as well, are testament to the Ribblr foundation and the team that have brought all of this together… I give out a heartfelt thanks to all of you and look forward to enjoying all of the crafts and ideas that Ribblr has to offer. It makes a huge difference when we can be who we are and be able to create what we do, in an environment that just perfectly understands.


That’s a really lovely post! It certainly was and still very much is our aim to make everyone feel safe to be who they are so they can inspire others here on Ribblr and that’s a key part of our community. It’s really great to hear that this is how you feel! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I haven’t been on here very long, either, but I agree with everything you said. Everyone I’ve met here is so incredibly kind and supportive and I’m so happy I found Ribblr! :grinning:


Thank you so much for your lovely kind sentiments! You see… there it is right there! You have created something quite profound here and to be able to enjoy watching the interactions and growth of this trusting and safe platform is something rather unique! And it only promises to get bigger and better! Thank you for all of it, truly.


I agree so, so much :purple_heart: