It's happening more frequently

I don’t know who else has noticed the recent uptick in quickly deleted posts by brand new members that have no profile, no shop, no badges, and some are either asking for people to go elsewhere or begging for free patterns… Even the ones that may have an actual item, it feels like some sort of scam.
Maybe members should have to at least go through the tutorial before they start posting patterns/asking for freebies in the community?


I never saw one of those posts :open_mouth: but yes maybe that would filter out the spam a bit!


Yes, I noticed a lot of deleted posts by people Thst zi never heard of,


We haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary but if you come across something that seems spammy or in general violates our guidelines and/or T&C please flag it! You can also reach out to our team or our @leaders


I can’t recall the name of the top of my head and it’s been removed again, but one in particular has popped up 3 times in 2 days advertising her ravelry page with no shop or makes here
and this morning I found 2 that have no badges, no shop, no makes, and an empty profile that was just made, trying to post a picture of a pattern… one of them was marked as having joined 3 mins before the post had been made (info on the post was like 6 mins ago and they had joined 9 mins ago)
The only reason it isn’t more of a problem is because you have to reach a certain level before you can post an image


Yep! The community is pretty fast in flagging stuff if needed and the community levels give you more tools so posts are automatically hidden :slight_smile:

Generally speaking, we welcome everyone to participate as long as it’s according to the guidelines and that it contributes to a healthy, happy discussion.
Often new Ribblrs want to jump straight in and post a recent make or a WIP which is absolutely fine. Sometimes they haven’t had the chance to update their profile which is also fine, they might just need a more experienced community member to help them out :smiley:

However, spammy posts or any kind of post that violates the guidelines is not acceptable.
You are right - a moderate level of self promotion of Ribblr shops/patterns once in a while is acceptable, but not beyond that.

We see you’ve just been awarded with the First Flag badge :clap:
We really appreciate your contribution and please continue to flag if you come across anything problematic.


I’ve seen them to and thought it was very strange, good to have some clarification and know we should flag them :+1: