Itty Bitty Brain Dump (wrote this on the way home from a memorial day party)

You are very cool headed during arguments and that is something I never am. I can think logically yes, but I’m very hot headed. I know I can go to you when I need help or advice or whatever. I- I don’t know what I would do without you. I couldn’t go back to life before knowing you. I mean people are put into your life for a reason, for better or worse, but they’re there. And like, you’re very strong in your faith and that is something I look up to. Now of course you’re not the only person I know that is but you’re the one that I see the most. It is very easy to do what others are doing and I’m pretty good at holding my own, for most things. Like I hold myself to a certain standard and ugh I don’t know. We’ve hugged a lot but I feel like the ones after we broke up are the best because it’s a sign of trust in your friendship and that’s honestly better than just a routine hug because you’re dating.