I've chosen my testers for my tester call, what do I do now?

So I just posted my first tester call on Ribblr, and I’ve chosen my testers!! I closed the tester call, went through those who applied and approved my testers using the testing tab in my shop, but I’m not sure what I do next? :sweat_smile:It says “gift and remove” next to all of the names, but I’m not sure if that’s the next step I take. I want to send the patterns to my testers, but I want to do it right. I’m looking for anyone who has been through testing before, or hosted a tester call, that can tell me what to do next.

Please let me know!! 🫶🏻


Hi! Underneath the name of the pattern, there should be a button saying “Private” and a setting button. Go to “Manage Testing”. Then you should see something saying “Message Testers” then press that and type in your message like what you want to say.
What i recommend putting
The due date
If you want a journal or not
Telling the testers thank you for applying *optional
And any information you want the testers to know!
Hope that helps!
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definitely do not gift and remove yet. That’s after it’s done!


Thank you so much! This was so helpful. :raised_hands:


of course! I would make the comment the solution so that everyone knows this is solved!


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