Journal Expectations

What is expected to be covered, if anything, when one completes a journal on a pattern?
A constructive critique?
A record of progress?
Pictures of each stage?

Anything else?



I don’t know that anything is expected. Everything you wrote would be great though. Maybe yarn colors or types if different than the pattern. I like to put helpful things for me to remember when I make it again. For my patterns, I love to see progress pictures. And of course a final picture. I like to keep Maria up to date on my progress. I’m never sure if others are following along also, so I try to keep it updated.

When making a pattern or thinking about it, I like to look at the journals to see what others made. See what they thought about it. If no one makes journals, it’s not helpful. Maybe that’s just me. That’s why I like them so much.


What I do for generally patterns I make, is just a picture with final results and some thoughts about the pattern, like if it’s easy to follow quick or takes a long time. Just small comments that are kinda like a review?

And I like adding an image of the final results so people can see how it turned out compared to pattern, like that way you can also see if the pattern is difficult to make exactly like the original one by designers (I hope this kinda makes sense with what I’m trying to say)

And if I adjust anything in the pattern I’ll write that down too, for example I once made a cool bat pattern but couldn’t figure out the starting thing with chains, so I tested substitute with magic ring and that worked, I mostly write it down so I remember in case I make another, but maybe others find it helpful as well

For pattern testing I like making a journal post each day I work on it, kinda like progress and if I got stuck in anything or if everything is going well. Though smaller patterns still end up being 1 post because they’re done is less than a day. And most of the feedback I’d send straight to designer, rather than just in the journal

But this is just what I do with them, I’m not really sure if there’s really an expectation for how the journals should be


Sorry that was a longer message than I expected :sweat_smile:


Journals are completely personal so each crafter can do as they please!
I would say, though, that if you share your journals having clear notes & pictures help other crafters learn more, plus connect with you and like your journals.

When testing, it’s usually the agreement between the designer and the tester as of what is expected to be in the journal!


I add comments, plus progress and final photos. I also add how much yarn I used and the size before and after blocking.


It was actually quite useful @WolfKvB