Journaling suggestion

What if you could add multiple photos to one journal? When I test a pattern, I take and edit multiple photos, and can’t put all of them into a journal. I usually just make more journals with the word “photo”, or something similar. I just think it would be easier to add multiple photos to one journal.


as it is set up right now, it is one entry and one photo at a time, but it is all under one journal, you just have to scroll through the pages. So if you made a journal from one of my patterns and I go to that pattern and see your thumbnail or your make under it, I can open that and scroll to see every entry. Did that make sense?


A journal is a way to document your project so the idea is you add notes and take pictures that are attached to those individual notes as you make progress. Is it still all under the same journal.

Do let us know if you meant something else!


I think the idea is that when we are done we like to take multiple photos of the finished make… Say if it’s a wearable, I’d take a flat lay pic, and 1-3 modeled pics… as it is set up we can’t upload all 2-4 at the same time without them being separate notes…

Although I agree with Tiphani that it is all one journal (not being able to make multiple journals of the same pattern is another story)


Got you! Thanks for elaborating :raised_hands:

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