Just learned something new!

Since moving to Japan, I learned about a new holiday! It is called White Day. White day is like a reciprocal Valentine’s Day. If you give a gift on Valentine’s Day, you might get something on march 14th! I ended up getting a few gifts. I’m so glad I’m learning new things about Japan!


It’s really only a Midwest/Great Lakes thing, but here they have Sweetest Day in October. It’s like Valentines Day, only not romantic.


My brother was just telling me about this… I was asking questions because I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day… He said it seems to be common that the guy gives gifts to girls, so when a guy actually gets one on Valentine’s Day, he reciprocates on March 14th… But I think the idea of giving to friends also could make sense for reciprocating… I don’t know, I just figured that if you are exchanging gifts for Valentine’s Day, then both parties would be gifting as that’s what exchanging means :woman_shrugging:t3: As I said, husband and I don’t celebrate it


Yes Valentine’s Day in Japan is typically girls giving to guys and white day is guys to girls. I just ended up giving my friends something for Valentine’s Day so that’s why I got a few things back. I hope that makes sense!


Yes, it makes sense just fine.


Japan, as a society, is just really into gift giving. Like REALLY into gift giving, so it does not surprise me at all.


I learnt about this holiday reading the fruits basket manga and it was my fun fact for a few year. :blush:


Yeah I’ve noticed that!

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