Just wanted to see which pattern to work on first

Okay so I got a few ideas of patterns I wanna make after my exams, but I can’t decide which one to work on first. Sooooo I’d like some feedback on what your thoughts are on which to work on first? :grin:

I’ll probably release a leopard pattern pretty soon though because it’s almost done, just assembly, but this is for the big patterns after it

Option 1: finish a pattern for a fox (pretty far with making it but still need to add/make variations)
Option 2: making a set of 9 patterns for the 9 tailed beasts from Naruto
Option 3: making patterns for characters from Bleach (probably gonna make a similar base for all but add like the details for each individual character)

  • Fox set
  • Tailed beasts Naruto
  • Bleach characters

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Mostly asking this because it’s also nice to have a bit of an idea which patterns people might be more interested in


I honestly did not expect the fox one to be most popular :joy: but now I know which to work on first (will start after June though because those exams)