Kay’s Custom

This might seem silly. I have tried to pour my heart into my business and I feel like all my efforts have gone to waste. I don’t really get any interactions on my Facebook or Instagram pages and sometimes question why I even try. I started my pages after child loss and crochet and crafting was just my way to cope. I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I question giving up, but I love it…
Picture of some of my work for tax :face_holding_back_tears:


Don’t give up! Everything you have made looks spectacular! I don’t have instagram or anything so I don’t know for sure but I think posting patterns would really get your work out there. It also looks like you really take your time and focus on each stitch. While looking through your makes, I see that you have tested before. Maybe doing more of that would help establish you and your style enough that you might want to start sharing your designs with the world. If you ever want to test for me, just reach out. I plan on making a lot of patterns in the future and I am always open to working with new people. You can also message me if you need some tips.

Don’t give up because you’ve got this!:yellow_heart:


your stuff is so cute! i understand the struggle of getting things to sell on facebook. i posted a hat i had made about 2 months ago and it got 1 offer, which the person ghosted. i know that once you get traction, your sales will go through the roof. i hope for nothing but happiness for you <3


Thank you so much :heart: truly, it means a lot


Thank you so much :heart: same to you


From my experience smaller items sell like crazy in person. Have you considered doing markets? Online you get better offers for large detailed pieces.


I do markets and any I’ve done this year have been absolutely awful