Keeping a copy of patterns

I like using the software so far. I’m concerned about what happens to patterns we would buy though. I’m one of those who can’t use Ravelry anymore. I had to grab my stuff off site and I’m glad it was possible. If I was buying a pattern here, I think it would be good to have a download option. This way, we can use the site, but also keep our patterns safe in case of issues. More so for paid patterns. I wouldn’t want to lose them. Will this be a feature?


Hi Jess. Happy to hear you’re enjoying Ribblr ePattern!
We do understand your concerns and we’re planning to add an option that will allow you to save a copy of a pattern for offline use via the app.
We also provide PDF versions of patterns for designers so if for any reason you want/need that you are most welcome to reach out to them and ask for one!


Thanks. It’s important to know we can keep the patterns no matter what. :slight_smile: