Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Hello! Hope everyone’s safe and well, just wanted to post a crochet project I made a while back. It’s a keychain of a popcorn klown from Killer klowns from Outer Space (one of my favorite movies lol)

I’m curious if anyone else knows the movie, and has made anything from it or has made it for someone else (crochet or anything really) and if so what did you make? I’d love to see anyone else’s :blush:

If you’re curious how I made it I used this tutorial by Ami Amour: How to Crochet Open Mouth Amigurumi | Tutorial and Pattern - YouTube it’s just how to make an open mouth amigurumi so anyone can design what they want by adding things like I did :smile:


Thanks for sharing on how to do an open mouth!


No problem, hopefully those that follow the tutorial have as much fun as I did :relaxed: