Lap Blanket

Today I bought a lap blanket from a coworker who also works at the school. A few days ago she put it up in the office. I let it sit for a few days to see if anyone else would get it. This morning it was still there so I went to her and asked if it was still available and she said she hadn’t even checked on it. I told her it was still there and she said yes. So I got it. I was so excited. I told her I just started learning to crochet this year and that it was so pretty. I love the colors and the stitches she used.
It will now be my crocheting blanket lol. I’m also going to have to ask what yarn she used because it is so soft!!


I love the look of the blanket! Definitely share the yarn they used if you learn it, I’m curious too :smile:


@ArtsAndNaps sad news. I was able to talk to her today and she said she honestly doesn’t know what kind of yarn it was. She said she goes to Michael’s and Joanne’s to see what sales they have going on and just gets enough to make blankets.
I’m sad because I really wanted to know what colors she used. I wanted to make a matching beanie.


I have some good news and bad news too lol the moment you said Michael’s I remembered why the colors looked so familiar they look very similar to the Michaels brands Loops and Thread that I saw a long time ago so I went digging and believe I found them! The bad news is that it’s discontinued, however while I was searching for them I still found places like Et^y and maybe Eb^y selling those colors!

eco naturals loops and threads jade


eco naturals loops and threads bark



Omg!!! That’s it and oh no :disappointed:


Yeah :pensive: I did see other sites selling them as well besides eB^y and Et^y so there’s thankfully some available, but who knows for how long :sweat:

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I’m going to order some. It’s so pretty.

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Definitely can’t wait to see what you make besides the matching beanie if there’s enough yarn :yarn::laughing: