Latest WIP done! Flip Flop Bunny

Looks much better than my first bunny. I decided to turn the appendages right side out (like in amigurumi) to give it a little more texture.
Learning how to thread “sculpt” so that the eyes go into the head instead of dangling like a tomato oon a zombie. That’s why the head’s a little wonky.
I love her method of crocheting the arms/legs in. Not so for ears, cuz they have to sit at an angle.
I did crochet the ears into the head on another bunny but it looked a cell tower bunny. :crazy_face:


That’s such a beautiful blue bunny! :heart_eyes:


Love it! What pattern did you use?


It’s so cute! I personally don’t like making amigurumi out of velvet yarn but your bunny is so cute with the yarn choice one thing though he looks a little under stuffed maybe try stuffing him a little more next time! :slight_smile: other than thought i love it


By Darling Maple Designs called the Flip Flop Bunny


the legs and arms are not stuffed per pattern. My bunny’s head is a victim of over zealous thread sculpting. But the velvet yarn-I’m loving it.

Thank you!