Let's spill the tea 🍵

Hello there fellow girls!

I was just wondering if any of you have ever had problems in your crochet path with people stealing some of your ideas, and how did you cope with that?


this is a topic that came up not too long ago, and to be brutally honest:
you are probably not the only person to have come up with that idea and it probably wasn’t “stolen”
looking through the patterns just on ribblr, there are at lease 5 bajillion bees, octopi, cows, chicks, chicks in eggs, bears, foxen, strawberries, frogs, bucket hats, granny square (fill in the blank), headbands, wrist warmers, cowls, eyeballs, and balls with eyes.
If you make a ball with eyes, and I make a ball with eyes and a crown, and the next person makes a ball with eyes and a crown and a cape, and the next person gives it legs and so on, that is just what happens when you release your ideas out into the big wide world, someone will look at it and say “wow, I like that, but only if it had this one little change” and now it’s their idea because it’s different from the thing you made.
Making the better mousetrap is how the entire world works…ribblr wasn’t the first social media site for crafters nor were they the first e-pattern app for crafters.


I think you are right! We can help others by exchanging ideas, get inspiration from here and there and it is extremely vàlid but my point is to know how other crafters could cope with that feeling of “ouch, this looks too familiar”; without falling onto other topics


I have about 100 ideas started in my shop. But no time to work on them because of testing. (loving that by the way!) But, my point is, I don’t tell anyone my idea until it goes to testing. Just me.


It sucks really, like carrying a baby and then giving birth to it only to have someone take it away from you.


Wow that is a great idea. I think maybe from now on I only will be showing some results of testing Patterns I am already added to and not my designs until I have written them down and in search of testers that might be interested on my gumies. But what i have clear is that this little obstacle won’t stop me from creating :slight_smile:


Yeah, that is exactly the sort of a feeling I had yesterday :sweat_smile:


this is why I release my patterns in batches.
I have one pattern in my collection, I sit with it for a few days or longer until I have 5-9 ideas based off of it, then I feel like I’ve exhausted what I wanted to do with it and then release it. That way if someone does happen to come up with something similar, I can be gracious enough to know that they just had more ideas than I did, because I already spent my time with it before I put it out there.