Licenses for famous brands

How is selling things without a license treated here? Is this in line with the regulations? For example, obvious patterns for Pokemon or something like that :smiley:


You would need the expressed permission of the trademark owner to make anything based on their intellectual property.

Ribblr’s terms of use and terms and conditions spell this out as against the rules. (It is also illegal)
@Ribblr can post the specific terms members should read before they set up their Ribblr account

Same thing applies with Disney, the NFL, NHL,MLB, Warner Brothers, Nintendo, etc.

Pokémon is definitely a trademark. The trademark owner would file a formal take down notice with Ribblr and Ribblr would remove the pattern. Only the actual owner can file the take down notice, Ribblr can’t act on just anyone complaining about it.

It is then up to Ribblr as to whether the person using the trademark without permission will be removed from Ribblr or not.

Unfortunately trademark and copyright infringement is rampant on the internet. It is one of the reasons I won’t design, I don’t have time to stay on the internet and search for those who would steal my work. Pinterest, Etsy, Ravelry and even Ribblr have patterns in shops that I doubt have the legal permission of the owner to sell it


OK, so it’s the same as on etsy ;D


Or any other craft site. When you create your account you agree to rules which usually include “you agree that the content you offer for sale is your own legal property “ or words to this effect

It is better simply to create your own unique content