Looking for a skin yarn color!!

Hello everyone am trying to find a skin color yarn for making character. I notice parfait yarn color shell is always out of stock. I want to know is there a another yarn close to that or what can you guys recommend.
Please help me ,am trying to make a character anya from spy x family for Christmas.

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Thanks you so much is advanced :heart:


I use Lion Brand Skein Tones! I would take a look and choose which one you think fits best I own the Peachy color and have even made a chibi base for a pattern here using that color/skein! Here’s a link to my make showing the yarn and the next link is to the pattern in case you’ll find it good for your Anya! :smile:


There are two other colors that might work.


I was having this same issue recently and I ended up getting Bernat blanket yarn in Almond and Bernat blanket baby in sand


Thank you so much everyone :heartpulse: I will check them out !

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