Looking for on-the-go pattern suggestions

Hi guys!!! So my family is setting off for a weekend road trip tomorrow, and I need recommendations of crochet patterns, so I can crochet in the car! Reply with your recommendations for shops and patterns. I’d prefer if they’re free, and low-or no sew. Not too complicated either. Thanks guys! (Btw we’re going to Niagara Falls, let me know if you live in Canada :slight_smile: )

Edit: did someone change the name of this topic?


I loveee niagara falls, I’m from Buffalo, NY so opposite side, but still a favorite place of mine when I’m back home.

I have a few free patterns, my leggy frog is pretty easy!

XHunni has a lot of awesome patterns, and so does DasChubba! Have an awesome time :heart::heart:


I have 2 free patterns, exclusive for followers! They are a cute no sew pencil and a low sew kiwi! Feel free to check them out! Have fun on your trip :hugs:


Fellow canadian here :blush: I’ve only been to Niagara Falls once! Hopefully I get to go again someday. Thr most pressing place to visit is Vancouver, tho :rofl: hopefully soon too :black_heart:

How about you make a bunch of different squares and join them all? @KAMECrochet has a bunch of them on here, and a few other shops have some free ones as well!


Yes, and you can make bags, cardigans, and even pants out of them! Im doing that rn!


Also from Canada here. A couple of hours from Niagara Falls. I second the squares idea!


Canadian here too never been farther then saskachewan across our country however heard its lovely at Niagara falls.
I like the square idea too or an easy repeat stitch blanket .