Looking for testers, feminist vest.

(testing closed)
I just finished my latest project :smiley: a very cozy vest with women sign that symbolize feminist. I need a few testers. I used 7 skeins of yarn n quite thick. U can use other type yarn but with thinner you will need more. I like to write my size pattern so u can measure on ur body as you go along. Deadline would be in late March. I will try write the pattern tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face::revolving_hearts:


Yarn i used


Good luck with your test


i would love to test!

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Great :smiley:

Now u should be able to begin the test, message me here or on Instagram along the process with feedback n questions westcoast creations (@westc_oastcreations) • Instagram photos and videos :heartpulse:

Hello how is the testing going?:slightly_smiling_face:

Would love some feedback before release date soon :relaxed:

How do I close the testing?