Looking for testers for no sew lion :)

Hello all!! I have finally finnished making my no sew lion and im looking for 3-4 testers to give me some feed back! Testing applications close on the 18th May, if possible apply on instagram as im most active on there heres my insta name, ashes_ami_arts
Hope to see you all!


Good luck on your testing!

Testers must be able to apply via your tester call post
You may provide several ways to apply for testing, but you must also accept submissions via your tester call post on the community. Your testing does not have to take place on Ribblr, although for the safety of your design we highly recommend it.


I’d love to apply but when’s the due date?
Also, look at @Karametra’s post, it’s very helpful!


Congratulations on your first tester call however you may want to review the response from @Karametra.
I would love to test this pattern for you, but the link to apply is not in your post. This and other things will be in that post. Good luck on your test and once again congratulations on finishing your pattern :partying_face:


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