Looking through my reject box

So i have a reject box/pile of projects i discarded, gave up on, decided i hated, or finished and disliked a whole lot. I’m sure at least some of y’all have a collection of these too :sweat_smile:

I was looking through to see if i could salvage anything right now, and came across…
The very first piece of colorwork i tried!

It is a coffin with a little cross and I’ll admit, as a beginner crocheter with no experience adding in colors. I was AMBITIOUS haha.

I tried so hard to make it look like a cross bc of how wonky it was when i made this!

Thought y’all might get a kick out of this too! LOL. We all start from somewhere :slight_smile:


My first scarf looked like an amoeba or something! :rofl: We do all start somewhere! And look how far we’ve come! 🫶🏼:sparkles::slightly_smiling_face:


I just looked through a pile of extra clothes for Letodolls that I remade to double check the pattern. Not rejects, but not complete yet. So fun to look through.


I’m going through WIPS right now and I don’t want to work on any of them. :scream:


Yes, we all have to start somewhere and we all need encouragement when we first start.


Decisions…decisions… decisions… :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Ye, I have a giant wip pile, some of them were so old and ugly that i finally decided to frog for scraps… especially that nasty easter bunny thats been haunting me for 3 years. I kept the pompom tail tho and gave it to my cat

Edit: i just realized this was posted months ago… why do i keep responding to old posts

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LOL dude i keep needing to frog old nastay wips and i cant bring myself to do it…past me worked so hard to make it even if its uglyyyyyyy