Love Letters 07-17-23

For those who feel like they aren’t worthy or that they’ve made too many mistakes…

I can’t tell you how many times I have just kept this song on repeat, crying my eyes dry…I do all this stuff to help others, serve and be kind, but it’s behind closed doors, when no one is around, that I struggle with myself…I have done things that are impure, and although those things feel good at the time, they only hurt my spirit later…this is another 1970’s Jesus Music hit from Bob Bennett, and I feel like he may have had issues like I do with self, based on the lyrics.
The theme of inviting Jesus back in to his home, and telling Him that He’s always welcome reminds me that Jesus will help you clean house if you let Him.

I have looked at myself in the mirror, trying to find what it is that God still sees in me, but it’s when I open my Bible that I truly see it. I can’t see what God sees if I look at myself with human eyes. He only looks at my heart. And I need a reminder of that every day, because if I look back too much, all I will see are my mistakes and wrongs. I want to see what Jesus sees…


Wow! That was amazing thank you for sharing this song and your story!


You’re welcome :blush: tbh, this has been a decade-long trial for me, but I thank God for not giving up on me. This song has really helped me see that Jesus is always gonna be there when I’m needing help on getting over myself. I’m glad I was able to inspire and encourage others through my hardship :heart:


How great and wide and deep His love for us is. He died not only for past sins of His children but also present and future sins. He knows that we are made of but dust.

Psalms 103:14