Low karma points

By completing tests and having the pattern gifted to u!


I accept if they seem motivated to test. I advice the pattern creators to not look at the karma, to give equal chances, and because from what i’ve experienced, most people with 0 karma or 0 makes have been great testers. Ghosting doesn’t seem to depend on the karma points.


Usually I’ll accept most testers especially early on in the testing process. The only reason i wont choose a specific tester is if they have blanked me more than once when ive chosen them.


My process for picking testers is this:
Go to their shop; if there are a lot of good patterns then i’ll probably accept them, if they don’t have a shop that’s fine.
Go to their makes: If they dont’ have ANY makes then that’s fine, but if they have a lot (especially tested makes), then i’ll probably accept them.
See how nice and reliable they are. If I find rude comments and posts then I don’t accept them.

So, I guess I do take their karma into consideration, but it’s not the biggest factor. Really I just want nice people to test my patterns.


I do the same! I’ve never really cared about karma points much (and I don’t have too many myself)


thats true! i choose quality over quantity


I’ve never actually aid attention to people’s karma tbh​:sob: I don’t get how u get it-is it just if u test a lot or so people give it to u? Also that’s super nice <3


I always base my choices on makes not the karma points. I have had a few with large amounts of karma points not finish after I had given extensions twice. So you can’t honestly base it on one thing or another. If they do good quality work and are good with communications then great.