Make-a-new-friend :DD

So put down everything about you in the comments and maybe if you find interest with someone you guys can become friends!
It’s really nice having ppl to talk to so I hope to spread that feeling to everyone and our new ribblr beans :>
I’ll go first:
I love the west side story - just too good :pensive::nail_care:
I love watching movies with that good old boi fashion
Fav colours: Red and green
Fav things: Corchet, My DaWg :dog2:, acting, drawing
I do gymnastics :woman_cartwheeling:
I love making new friends <3

I hope I can make friends with all you guys!
Now your turn :3




Hi, im TitanWave(not my real name)
i love to crochet, solve simple math problems, do resin, and help people.
Fav food : food
Fav drink : water, chocolate milk
Fav color : blue, teal, torsuies, green
Fav movie : Pokemon, How to train your Dragon, Trollhunters Rise of the titans
Fav show : Pokemon, Dragons Race to the Edge, Trollhunters, 3Below, Wizards
Fav book : Wing of Fire

:sparkles: More About me :sparkles:
:white_heart: I’m a self taught crocheter (I learned from YouTube, and ribblr now)
:white_heart: i play with stray cats around the neighborhood(there’s this orange tabby that loves me and it love it
:white_heart: I love cats and cute animals(foxs, bunnnies,etc.)

hope you have a good day(or night)

Name: Titan_Wave

My crafts: Crochet, resin, baking

Favorite color(s): blue, teal, torsuies, green

Favorite emoji: :rofl::grinning::grin::smiley::laughing::sparkles:


Hi i am Bean! (Fake alias)
I love to crochet and i am a real fantasy and book nerd :nerd_face: My Pronouns are She/They and i am pansexual
Fav food: Sushi or Pizza
Fav drink: water or sprite
Fav color: blue, sage green, orange and yellow
Fav movie: Coda and Harry potter
Fav show: Stranger things, Pokemon, Young Sheldon and the big bang theory
Fav book: A good girls guide to murder series, Harry potter series and the Hunger game series


Hey! I am Abigation!!
I am Abigation but you can call me Abby, or literally anything(according to @belzbella I am a rat​:rat::smiling_imp:)
I like to crochet, binge watch Marvel, read, jog(and sprinting), soccer, horsebackriding, read, wrestling with my sister, roasting @belzbella and reading.
My fav. books: alot but mostly Wings of Fire
Fav. Movies: How to train your Dragon, Marvel, Hunger Games(haven’t read tnem yet :sob:) and more.
Fav. Color: bronze and navy blue
I am homeschooled and a Christian :sparkles: I live sonewhere on the west side of planet E-arth. Check under your bed and you might find me.
Feel free to ask me questions, roast me for fun(I :heart_eyes: it) and anything else!


Hey guys! You can call me NayNay, Sweet, Tomato, Sweet tomato, growth, basically anything you want, I don’t mind lol. I’m a 14 year old Christian girl and I have 5 brothers and 1 sister. I really enjoy reading and I like baking even though I’m terrible at it lol. I’m also kinda a nerd in some areas (I love math and learning other languages and I get really into the books I’m reading). I obviously crochet, and I really enjoy making my own patterns. Fun fact: I knit before I crocheted, and I still love it so much! My favourite colours are blue and purple, my favourite animals or hippos, horses, pandas, dolphins, and so many more lol. I prefer calmer music, but I’ll listen to almost anything and enjoy it. I’m also a very crazy person at times, but online I feel like I’m much more laid back. I always love making new friends, but if I’m being honest, I’m not a very good communicator (especially in person). I really enjoy ribblr because everyone here is so nice and it makes me feel at home!


Hi, I’m LoafOfBread! I like making amigurumi and learning languages. I am learning Japanese and want to pick up Russian and Mandarin in the future. My favorite game is Omori, and my favorite book is probably Crime and Punishment (it’s really long but really good)


Hi! I’m MusicCrocheter101!!

Favorite Colors: Green and Teal

Favorite Movie: Rio (One and Two)

Favorite Books: Warriors or Twisted Tales

Favorite Broadway Shows: Hadestown, Beetlejuice, Come From Away

Favorite Hobbies: Crochet, Painting, Reading, Gaming, Babysitting, Singing, Being in Musicals

Favorite Emojis: :poop: :yarn: :smile:

Favorite Animal: Penguin

Instrument I Play: Piano (And a bit of guitar)

Sibling Count: 1 (my younger sister)

My Dream Job: A Zookeeper, Vetenarian, or a Broadway Actress

Hope you get to know me a bit by this comment!! Have a fantastic day! :smile:


hi i’m ReinaA.
fav color: Dusty/sage Green and royal blue
fav show: rn greenhouse academy
fav movie: iron will and harry potter movies
fav animal: Dogs and Snow Leopards
fav book: The Hunger Games trilogy (i am reading a ballad of songbirds and snakes rn)
sibling count: i have one older brother, one younger bro by a minute, one younger sister, two older step sisters, two older step brothers, and one younger step sister so eight siblings
i’m mostly self taught crocheter
I do acrobatics
i’m home schooled so I do Latin
hope you get to know me more
chat with me if you find my reply interesting


Hi, my name is Colton
I am a boy
I love to crochet
I do gymnastics
My fav color is sage green
I love to go to the beach
my favorite movie is the grinch
my favorite food is velvet taco

and that’s me


omg hi! i’m maddie!!
i’m 14 years old​:sparkles:
i like crocheting, talking with friends, and my doggos <3
i’m always free to finding new friends :]


Hi I’m Trinity! If you don’t know me then here’s about meh​:sparkles:

  • I love Jesus (I’m a Baptist Christian :two_hearts:) , my family, cheer, and watching football!
    Fav movie: mean girls & Moana
    Fav food: my moms homemade lasagna or homemade beef carnitas on chalupa shells​:heart_eyes:
    Fav drink: butter pecan frozen coffee from Dunkin, water
    Fav show: Dance Moms, modern family
    Fav book: Coyote sunrise, the one and only Ivan, and sm more but they aren’t so appropriate :skull:

:sparkles: More :sparkles:
:cloud:My mom taught me how to crochet when I was 8, but only the basics, I got rly into it when I was 11 and I self taught the rest on yt!

:cloud: Started cheer in 7th grade, plan on doing it all through highschool

:cloud: I love talking so if u ever need to rant to someone dm me


HI!! My name is Sophia!! you can call me bulldog, soph, sop, phia, or just anything!
I love to crochet, write short stories and poems, read, do anything art related, do circus (arieal silks) and I LOVE musical theatre! :performing_arts: I am performing in the musical Oliver! in 3 days!!! :open_mouth:
Favourite colour: Green!
Favourite movie: Dunkirk, Coraline, the creator, a goofy movie
Favourite book(s): Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, AGGGTM and Harry Potter
Favourite series: Young sheldon, Gilmore Girls, The Good place

I love making new friends!! Also I am always here to talk if you need <3


btw awesome idea!!!

Hey im jaearenee(not my real name)

im a girl<3 she/her

i like crocheting,crafts,makin music/singing, making videos on social media,sports,and gymnastics, and swimming hehe

Fav colors: pink, teal, gray, white,gold,silver,peacock blue those type of colors hehe

fav foods: anything that doesnt have these( cooked carrots,squash any kind,sweet potato, eggplant, onions, lots of meat,) nothin sweet thats meant to be a hardy meal mkay

fav movie/ show: suzume, peaky blinders, kimi ni todoke, harry potter, hunger games,maze runners, x files, have more but not tryin to bore anyone<3

im crazy, loyal,funny,dare devil,adventures,kind,careing,oldest sibling,smart, athletic, homeschooled hehe

i love space, aliens, mythical thing,math,writing,greek mythology,history,ocean hehe

i have adhd and ocd hello!!!love kis and animals

if u like my stuff u can slide into my dms and we can become friends hehe<3


Heyyy I’m Mercy but you can call me Mercy, crafty, craftycellist, whatever! (She/her)
I love to play the cello (surprise lol)
I love music, around of my fav artists are: Imagine Dragons, Neoni, Livingston, The Score, Lindsey Stirling, 2Cellos, Dua Lipa, Sail North, League of Legends, anything from Epic the Musical, Benson Boone and more!
I love Italian food
My fav animals and pangolins, sloths, tigers, and axolotls
I’m homeschooled and going into the 11th grade
I live in the US… Somewhere…
I wanna be a music therapist when I grow up!
I’m learning ASL
I have a weird thing for cute mushrooms :mushroom: :sweat_smile:
I love making new friends! Pm me any time :tada::heart:
I’m a huge bookworm, I love Harry Potter, WOF, KOTLC, and anything fiction, historical fiction, or romance
I love the movies Barbie, Wonder Woman, and Mitchell’s vs the Machines
I love the shows Trollhunters, 3Below, and Wizards
I love the colors light blue, teal, lavender, silver, and gold
I LOVE animals, I’m volunteering at the zoo this summer
I have Touretts
Ummmmm I’ll add more as I think of it! Lol


hiiii I’m lily!! im 14, and from the UK!
my favourite hobby is crochet!! I’ve been doing it for like 5 years now!!
I’m really into aviation and cars!! my favourite food is strawberries!!! my favourite colours are cosy greens!! my favourite movie is Top Gun: Maverick! I also like the Fast and Furious ones!! My favourite series is Arcane League of Legends (I STAN SEVIKA). My favourite books are the Slated series, AGGGTM, and Maze Runner!!
i enjoy cycling and jogging!!! i have two cats called Mitzi and Heidi, they’re the best kitties ever!!!
I’m always looking to make new friends <3


omg i love dance moms AND modern family loll


I want to be friends with… ALL OF U :sparkles:


hiii im mimi and i love crocheting (duh)and READINGGG if u like reading we’re automatically friends :grin:. i love the colors teal and sage green.
do track and field
and am nice, funny, fun, kind,crazy, and smart
sm of my bestiessss @JaeaRenee @Combre42 @ellan3326 @littlemisswonderful


I feel like I’m de boring one here :melting_face:
You all seem so niceee and kind <3