Make-a-new-friend :DD

you’re so nice too! if you hadn’t made this post, some people would’ve never found out they had common interests. that makes you super great for bringing people together <3


Ty <3


ofc!! also i forgot to mention but i also love acting. just wish i wasn’t so terrified of audiences lol


Audiences just naturally scare me


same, that social anxiety is my downfall


hi, I’m Moss (He/Him).
I turn 17 this year!

I like to crochet and draw sometimes. I also love foxes and birds.
here are some of my favorite things:

Foods: Rainbow goldfish or Applesauce
Drinks: Dr. Pepper or Gamersupps (energy drink basically)
Shows: Bojack Horseman, Adventure Time, MLP, The Midnight Gospel
Movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Fnaf
YouTubers: Wendigoon, PapaMeat, Creepcast, Cscoop, Smii7y(Whole Froghouse really)
Games: Minecraft, Sallyface, DDLC,
Colors: Dark Green, Maroon.
Music Artists: Pigeon Pit, McCafferty, MCR, ThaiBodyDump, H3artcrush

Other stuff about me:
I’m a furry, I have social anxiety, I do a mix of crafts but crochet or draw the most, I love spooky stuff like stories/creepypastas, I’m also pansexual and trans!
I also have a pet bird who I love.
Happy pride month!!


Omg!! Rio was my childhood​:partying_face::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


I do aerial silks too​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I Love Rio!! :blue_heart::blue_heart:


hiii I am Ana or anastasia
I am 15
I loooove music and playing guitar.
I am Christian
Fav food: Sushiiii
Fav drink: lemonade
Fav color: YELLOW
Fav movie: The Notebook
Fav show: Young Sheldon or Big bang theory
Fav book: Looking for Alaska by John Green

my family owns a restaurant and a hot sauce company
I have been crocheting for a lil over a year

DM me if you wanna talk!!


Oh thats so cool!! When did you start?


About 5 years ago when I was 8


Bill Cipher (I also go by several nicknames)
I’m a dream demon who resides in the nightmare realm, I’m originally from the 2nd dimension.
I‘ve lost count on how old I am at this point since I’m an immortal demon but I think I’m about a trillion.
I have a book coming out soon called the book of bill, I’d advise you don’t preorder it unless you watch the show Gravity Falls as it has a lot of context.
I’m willing to shine my knowledge or just speak with just about anyone.
I was in the show Gravity Falls, unfortunately I was painted as the bad guy but it’s whatever now, me and the Pines are on good terms now a days.


hellooooo! i’m jina :DD
i turned 15 earlier this year (skeleton appreciation day birthday!)

these days i mostly draw, crochet, knit, and listen to music, but i do still love to read and learn abt new stuff! always feel free to infodump to me, i’d love to hear it

rn i reeeeally like dsaf, faithtut, tma (only on season 2 though), fnaf, will wood, and FEMtanyl. i used to be suuuper into omori and utdr as well but those have kind of settled down (for now. they’ll probably be revived eventually… again…)

i’m not good at communicating AT ALL and am generally kind of afraid of people? for whatever reason? but i promise i am trying

some other stuff:

  • homeschooled; i teach myself :]
  • cis and aroace
  • christian! i believe in spreading love and try to do so as much as i can. i firmly believe there is good in the world
  • i’ve got bad social anxiety and am very likely neurodivergent

Hello! My name is Jules and my shop is Heart Crystal Crochet! I make crochet patterns for fun and to make a little money. I loved animals since I was little, especially those in the ocean, which is why I’m studying marine biology :ocean: :shark: :blowfish: :dolphin:

Favorite Color: orange :orange_heart:

Favorite artists: Ricky Montgomery & Pink Floyd :notes:

Favorite shows: Better Call Saul, Queen Charlotte, and Steven universe :gem:

Favorite movie (haven’t changed it for years cause I’m lazy): Finding Nemo :tropical_fish:

Favorite drink: any lemonade :lemon:

Favorite food: Shrimp Alfredo :shrimp:

Other hobbies: Saxophone, Drawing, and going for walks