make the app and website simpler to use

I feel like the app and website are over-engineered to the point where the app feels awful to use. I genuinely struggle with the simplest operations that should not be difficult at all.

Its visible someone put a lot of effort into designing the app but I feel like the design just doesnt hold up at all in practice.

Does anyone else feel like this? Im having a hard time explaining it all… But I’m not some 80 year old lady who naturally struggles with apps, I’ve literally never found an app so unintuitive to use :sob:


Personally I don’t find it hard to use, but I’ve been here for a while so I already know every nook and cranny, curious how other users feel about this as well, can you explain what sections you feel are over engineered/what parts you struggle with?


I do not have issues either. But I made it a point to read everything when I started. Even got a badge for it I think.


Hi @glithchy ! sorry you’re finding Ribblr difficult to use- it’s certainly not our intention.

We truly understand how navigating through a new app that has a ton of functionality can be overwhelming, and over the past year we’ve simplified many of the new user onboarding which you may have missed.

We’d love to get your feedback on specifically what you are trying to do and finding hard so we can get this to our product team.

Also, our help center has a lot of resources available including text, image, GIF and video tutorials on using Ribblr.


But its not its a new app with a lot of new features. It has most of the features of other apps except other apps are just… more intuitive and much better. Theres so many oversights.

For example as I’m typing I dont see the reply I am replying to. A normal forum on an app would allow you to pull up a little comment writing node but the discussion would still be visible. Take even the reddit app for example. Its not a good app by any standard but its still a thousand times more well though out

Thats just one random example too.

And another one is that even on pc you cant open a pattern in another window. Theres no option to right click and send random patterns Im perusing on other tabs. I have to go into the pattern everytime and then hit back to come back to the pattern list. It makes for a truly bad browing experience

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I can read everything but it still wont suddenly fix the issues with intuitiveness and comfort of browsing. It will always stay an experience of actively struggling against the weird rules of the app and website, that I havent seen any other app have

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Thank you for sharing! We have logged your feedback.

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Hi! If you’re using a mouse with your pc, you can actually click on the centre scrolling wheel to open links in a new tab. I assume the right click was disabled for anti-piracy purposes (to prevent people from selecting text to easily copy and paste patterns). Right click does work within the community section, though.

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I have a nouse but I dont have the middle button lol. Idk if its a piracy thing because it doesnt make sense to have that while browsing pattern names.

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I have the same issues and find myself using it a lot less than I would like. In particular, I get stuck in a loop trying to get back to a main page or previous page. I feel like if there was a main page where all sections could be accessed from it would help A LOT.

I’ve also contacted support and gotten a reply regarding the “Woah. Slow down” message…. As someone with physical disabilities I often inadvertently double-tap and then the message slows me down even more.

For clarity, I’m definitely the older crowd here and I have been using the internet for a long time. I have been able to evolve with technology rather seamlessly (not the “Boomer” stereotype). I think this app has great content, great features, and great people, but it isn’t very intuitive and could have greater appeal with a “landing pad” homepage button for greater accessibility to all skill levels.


Maybe they can’t disable it for just within patterns (programming wise), which is why that whole section of the website is right click disabled? I’m personally not sure, but it’s the only reason I can think of.

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Based on my own experience using websites as well as programming small projects I have a feeling that they didnt as much „turn-off right click” but programmed the little project thumbnail modules in a way that they just dont even read a right click lol. They are not an element designed with that thought in mind. Which is an oversight

My guess was based off the fact that the right click just doesn’t work at all except in the community section, and not only when trying to open a link. You can try to right click anywhere and it won’t work. I think it’s more likely that they just didn’t put an exception in for right clicking on a link.

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Ive been on here for over a year and it is not hard to navigate, if you have so many complains abt the app then why are you using?


Wow what a logical and rational reply.

„The app and website is badly designed so instead of giving feedback about it get off from the whole entire website „

They cant just change everything to ur liking


Im giving feedback. Thats how things work. And I’m not asking for anything unreasonable

You literally said “make the app simpler and easier to use” like thats so demanding but im not bouta fight with a kid


I gave examples of actual issues with the responsiveness and intuitiveness of the UI and the support didnt have any issues hearing them because thats their job to listen to feedback and consider it. You are the one who came in throwing a hissy fit over a completely neutral and non-problematic adult interaction.

I’ve been part the community for a while and I have no issues with the app at all

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