Making a pattern (for the first time)

Hi, I haven’t made any patterns yet, because it always seemed like a lot, but not long ago I was on a trip and bought some amazing sheep’s wool. I want to make a “jumper” type thing but just the sleeves which I think is a shruggie (inspired by @beauumedow). I was wondering if anyone had any tips for pattern making or some cool stitches I could try?


Criss cross diamond/mesh stitch are my go to for shrugs. The cross cross diamond is for a more warm version and the mesh is for more of a breathable version. Hope you love it! <3


Thanks, will definitely try it out


Wait, am I understanding properly that you’ve never crocheted anything before? Or is it that you’ve never tried to use a pattern? Either way, I take off my hat to you for being really brave! You might want to try something smaller first, tho. Also, be sure to check your yardage and yarn weight before starting


I have never made a pattern before on my own, as in without using a pattern from anybody else, but I have been crocheting for some time now. Sorry I didn’t really know how to put it for it not to be to long


It’s ok, no need to apologize, communication is a process between 2 people to reach better understanding.