Making patterns- the writing process

Hi! Sorry if this is an obvious “noob” question. I’m trying to make a pattern, i’m still in the stage of making it, but i’m curious to how others write up their patterns.

what i do, or been planning to do, is use a word document, and write the whole thing first and then copy it to ribblr.

However, i didnt see much infos on PDFs, but that okay. I’m guessing theres a way to import a pdf, though i’m not 100% sure.

How do others approach this process?
Feel free to share if you want!

Thanks! : )


I write my patterns straight onto the ribblr


Maybe @HookedByMarilyn can help. I know she’s been in Ribblr like forever.


I recommend writing it into Ribblr also.


I normally write down the pattern on my phone as I create it, then later manually transfer it into the ribblr pattern creator. If I’m going to make pdf of it, then I write it up in a word document as well and then turn that into a pdf.

Ribblr also has a feature where you can download a pdf version of a pattern written in ribblr. It’s under the settings button beneath the pattern (looks like a cog)