Mark as Unread for Individual Topics

Hello Ribblr ! I’m the kind of person that feels satisfied with no new topics left to read. That is why I want a little button or check box next to each topic (just on the outside view like before you click on the topic) saying “Mark as Read” or something, because sometimes if I’m not that interested in a topic or don’t feel like I could contribute to the conversation I dont click on it and it stays unread. I dont want to have to click on every single topic to make it unread, and I dont want to click the “dismiss all” button in case I miss something. Also, what is the difference between “Hot” and “Top”, and “Latest” and “New?” Can I just have a list of topics in order they come in, new or not? Just a side question. Sorry if there is already a fix to my problem, I dont want to be a hassle. Have a great day thanks for reading :blush:


I usually just look through all the new topics (from bottom to top) and click on the ones that interest me, then dismiss the remaining.

Not sure about the difference between “Hot” and “Top”, maybe one is frequently commented and the other is high number of likes?
“Latest” is whatever has been most recently posted or replied to, and “New” only shows topics that you haven’t read yet (I think in order of whatever was last commented on).


Unfortunately that won’t be possible when browsing the feed. When browsing you can choose those filters- latest and new is as described by @LilysHandcrafts
Top is most popular by week, month or year and hot is what’s trending right now :blush:


So you can just click the new topics u wanna read, then with everything else, click dismiss new


Yes @Paradise08 that is a great idea! @Ribblr


I understand, thanks for reading anyways :smiling_face:


Thank you for the explanation :grin: