Market Questions

Hey yall! I have rashly decided to sign up for my first ever market! :partying_face:

However, its a 3 day market in July and i need to start preparing ASAP. So, a couple questions:

  1. How many different plushies should I offer?
  2. How many of each plushie should I make?
  3. What else should I bring/expect?

Also they want a picture of my booth setup in order to finish applying. How do I do this since it’s my first market?


bring cute setup stuff like u could even get cake stands and put plushies on that umm i feel 2 and up on plushie quantity is good depending on size and tiem it take to make and then tbh just make enough stuff to at least fill up a table imop


If the plushies are small I’d make quite a few of each different one and different colors if possible, if they are larger I’d do less and obviously medium sized ones in medium sized quantities. I’d set up a Venmo so people can pay if they don’t have cash. And a variety of plushie types is good but just keep in mind that you’re going to have to make them all so it’s up to you in the end.