markets with sensory issues

Hi, im planning to do a market in the summer and i have sensoey issues. I struggle with loud noises, and certan textures. I get overwhelmed very easily and i dont know what i can bring so i can be successful. Are there any ideas on what might be socally acceptable but will still help me stay at a market?


Noise cancelling headphones and a fidget toy can help.

I dont have sensory issues but rather social anxiety. I find that bringing something to work on can help.

Its really important to engage costumers that come up to your booth, but other than that, you can bring whatever helps you to use behind your table. If using headphones, just occasionally look up or make eye contact and offer a smile if that helps.

I find it helpful for me to bring someone with me to be an advocate for talking, but i know that isnt always an option.


thank you!! i struggle with just underpricing myself and selling things for too cheep


I have misophonia and I normally never have an issue with it during a market because I am so ultra busy helping potential customers. This last one was different though they had a giveaway and the tickets being called out were not being heard by a lot of people so this lady near us decided to start yelling them out at the top of her lungs and I nearly went postal on her. I think you could wear noise-canceling earphones and be just fine.


i know t
that loops are very good for overstimulation


Headphones and music
Fidget toys

Friend or family member that can keep you company for at least some of it, either to help you settle in at the start or to take a few breaks to destress. Clear signage for things like prices/product descriptions. Or even little leaflets or business cards with info about you and your products. Don’t over exert yourself trying to be extroverted. Comfort items and noise cancelling headphones obviously recommended. If you know where it’s being held visit a few times earlier to get familiar with the environment and maybe find some potentially quiet spots you could go to if you need it. Perhaps stocking some things like sunflower themed things (ie awareness motifs like autism LGBT etc) would also attract customers who are aware of such needs. I’ve just realised I’m just assuming what you mean by overwhelmed. If it’s more anxiety than overstimulated then having a script on a small page of what you might say or practicing with a friend. Roleplay can feel silly for some but it can really help to adjust more quickly. Just try to prepare for what may happen but allow yourself to make mistakes or to ask for help.
Above all just enjoy yourself as much as you can. It’s all a journey that will improve each time you do it. Spare stationery and some crafting supplies too. No better advertising than seeing the seller making the things they are selling. Celebrate the smallest achievements and at the end of the day congratulate yourself on any little thing, brush off any mistakes or negative experiences.
Good luck with it all