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hello! there is this AtLA meme that i find SO funny, and i decided i HAD to make a short story for it :). honestly, you guys should get your fav meme and turn it into a story too! i’d love to read them so pls comment them :DDD
TW: gayness :sparkles::sparkles: (and sum kissing)

Crushes (short story)

Zuko had no idea on how to react to Mai, so, he did the only thing he knew how to do. Complain.

He strutted (yes he is a material GWURLLL) over to Sokka, who seemed lost in thought. “Hey Sokka, you busy?”, Sokka jumped, then waved his hands like crazy, as he always does. “Uh no no i’m not busy! you needa talk about something?” he seemed flustered, as if the sight of Zuko just made him panic. Zuko cocked his head (THIS FEELS WRONG BRO), then said, “yes, please… there’s this one topic i can’t get out of my head…”. Sokka snickered, then Zuko blushed out of embarrassment. “what!! what did i say!!”. Sokka grinned and shook his head “Nothing. Anyway, you want sum’ GIRL TIPS from yo’ man, Sokka?”. Although he looked happy and joking, his tone was hurt and disappointed. “Uh yes, actually…” Zuko replied, then looking away, because he TECHNICALLY JUST SAID “oh yeah bro i’m in love, help me?”. “Sure” Sokka smiled, and patted to the spot beside him in his tent.

“Crushes are the WORST!” Zuko said, counting reasons on his fingers, “they make me work harder to be better, and honestly that’s exhausting! I can barely form full sentences in front of them…” Zuko stopped, realizing he got better for Sokka, and how he can never fully finish a sentence to him. nah, i’m just being stupid… right? “YEAH, THEY ALWAYS MAKE ME ACT STUPID!” Sokka bursted, bringing Zuko out of his thoughts. “But your always stupid?” Zuko sounded confused, and to his surprise, Sokka began acting even MORE stupid, by waving his arms around like a maniac, his face bright red. “YEAH, DONT THINK ABOUT THAT TOO MUCH—-“ “huh? dude calm down. Uh, thanks anyways…”

later that day
“wait… sokka acts stupid around me 24/7… OH SH**!!” Zuko suddenly burst, and Katara zoomed in and scolded him “No swearing!” “Uh Katara, how exactly would i confess my feelings to Sokka?” Zuko asked, but he realized he wasn’t thinking. Katara, to his surprise, burst into a smile. “Oh, just kiss him and he’ll know, and he’ll be delighted”

Zuko walks into Sokka’s room (yes not tent) “Uh Sokka… cmere for a second?” Sokka got up and walked towards Zuko, somehow looking hotter than usual. Zuko suddenly kissed Sokka, and he surprisingly didn’t move away. (AND THE REST IS TO YOUUR DIRTY IMAGINATIONS, CHILDREN!)

did i say he like Mai? oh, he had no idea how a crush felt. so no, he didn’t.

did you like it?


lol! this is so funny i lub it dirty mind activated


unrelated but i js tripped in my pants, fell onto the toilet, then onto the heater and my brothers stepping stool


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Omg i love this so much!!! This is really amazing

fr I love this :sob:

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