Mini skeins and colour work!

Do you like having all the colour options for small projects and amigurumis on hand? Then I imagine you probably purchase mini skeins in large colour variants.

What are your favorite mini skein bundles? And where do you purchase your favorites?
How mini are your mini skeins? 10 grams? 50 grams? How many colours are in your favorite bundles?

Last but never least,
What’s your favorite project you’ve done recently with colour work? Even if it’s not a small project or only a few colours! Let’s brag about colour work!

Animation Rainbow GIF by Chris Gannon


I picked up a sample of crochet thread at Hobby Lobby,
10 grams 60 yards, 30 spools. It’s a nice sampling of all their thread in small quantities. Some I have in larger skeins. I like to embellish my appliques with color pops. This will be perfect. & I got it on sale 30% a few weeks ago. This is crochet thread, not yarn. But it is still lovely & colorful.


Ooou that’s so cool! Super great for embroidery to!
30% off as well! How awesome!


I got a pack with 8 mini skeins of Vanna’s palette. I used them to make a basket.


A project basket is definitely on my to do list soon. I got some chunky yarn recently that I’m thinking would look great as a medium sized basket.

The last multi pack I got was a 40 skein bundle on Amazon (only 10 gram skeins but lots of colours) and I used less than half of them to make a v stitch rainbow back panel for a mesh pride crop top.