Modern Crochet blog and website, yarn coupon codes

Hey guys. I started a crochet website where I can write about all of the amazing things going in in crochet right now. It is brand new and I am adding to it every day. I was super lucky to get some amazing coupon codes from 4 amazing indie dyers. They are excited to get their yarn seen by crocheters. They welcome us with open arms lol. Check it out! Coupon codes in my blog post.


Wow that’s so cool! Congratulations :tada: I just checked it out and it’s amazing!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Oh my gosh! I just checked it out and I love it!!! (A designer I absolutely love is Twinkie Chan! :wink: Her patterns are THE BEST!!!)


Thanks!! I’m glad you liked it. I am super excited to share all this crochet and yarn love with everyone. It’s about time the world knows how absolutely cool crochet is!


Thank you!! I will for sure check the designer out! I love finding well kept secrets and telling everybody about them lol. This art of ours is so interesting, especially because of the very cool people that do it! I am planning a cool series where I remake popular knit patterns into crochet. I am starting with the vertices unite shawl by Stephen West. And I did the barley hat by Tincan Knits in crochet for my son, it turned out really cute. I’m going to blog that one too. Check back from time to time (or constantly lol, that works too). And I am working on a way for makers to share their FOs.