More filters in pattern search area?

I was wondering if there was a way, when searching for patterns patterns if it would allow you to tell it not to show you patterns that are already in your library.

Edit. Other filters too, like when you want to find specific sizes of clothing. To be able to have it show you only adult pullover sweaters as an example or for baby onesies


I don’t think so, but let’s ask @Ribblr to confirm whether or not! :relaxed:


while we’re at it… the yarn weight filter does not include all the weights. You have “medium 4” but not “worsted 4” so anything using worsted gets filtered out


Plus different countries refer to yarn weights differently. I have no idea what 8 ply is. I hear Australians use that term I think.

Edited. Plus, they don’t seem to work well (or perhaps patterns are mistagged?). Searching on just superfine for example is bringing up Amigurumi patterns. I seriously doubt that is the yarn type that they use


Thanks. I should have put them in my original post


Thanks for your suggestion! We’ll take it into consideration :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
You can already filter by sizes, assuming the designer entered the information correctly of course.

So you can search for a sweater, then filter by clothing and size L for example.


Considering that sizes are not in any way standardized , that is not really a useful catagory in which to find patterns… The size of the yarn however is.


The main filter I’d like is to tell it not to include patterns already in my library so I can look at patterns that perhaps I haven’t seen before


As long as we have a common standard for yarn size to use. I’m not sure we do world wide.

Edited. Looking at the available yarn filters a lot of the terms there I don’t know what size they mean. Where is DK weight for example? Maybe #3? Worsted might be 4? I thought laceweight was the thinnest one. Plus, where is thread? For doilies?


yup… I have to admit that I kind of like the number system they come up with because the words were very confusing once we started getting patterns from all over the world to all over the world. There is still a huge area of nuance in there that’s lost… still better than trying to figure out 4 ply and why the DK is calling for a gauge not humanly possible


It’s like you have to keep a bag of each and do a gauge swatch to ensure your yarn (& hook or needle) is the right one.


that’s why I make patterns a formula when I can. so that you can use any yarn and any needle’hook and come out with the size you want. I also try to make gauges work for more than one size yarn, I always write the gauge and what I used (because you have no idea how many pattern will only tell you the size hook/needle and a specific yarn, but not the gauge
or how many crafters have no idea what gauge is or how to use it and get upset when their item isn’t the right size because they used the hook / needle mentioned


Yes gauge is important, ignore it at your peril. Either it will fit Godzilla or it will fit a mouse but it will not fit the end user


Bwaaaaa haaaaa haaaa!