More than one language in one pattern

So, I was thinking if wouldn’t it be nice if people that knows more than one language could make the same pattern in multiple languages, for example, I’m Brazilian, so my first language is Portuguese, but I also speak English. I always write my patterns here in English, because most people here has English as their first language, but I thought it would be cool if we could have more of one language per pattern, and people could select the language they want to read the pattern, like when a pattern has multiple sizes and we can choose to see just one.
I’m asking for this because Ribblr is the platform I like the most for posting patterns (not only it’s quite safe, but it’s easy to work with), but I can’t add anything in Portuguese right now since it’s not a language option, so I can’t even make two versions separately, one in each language.



It is a good idea that the creator himself can be the one to translate his patterns. What I have seen in some accounts is that they create two patterns and each one is in a different language. But it would also be good if it were unified.

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I feel like the pattern maker is responsible for making it in a difrent language. I feel like that would be another gimmick if they add it. Also I have not heard of any problems with launage. There are over 27 languages in the world. In the end i think that it is a bad idea unless the pattern maker themselves are willing to put the effort in to make the pattern a difrent laulanguage. There are different patterns on Ribblr that have different laulanguages.

I love this idea! Eu sou Brasileira também!

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I’m talking about translating it myself, I just want them to be unified as one pattern, because I find it confusing to have two copies of a pattern in different languages, ans even if I didn’t find it a problem, the language I can put the effort to write is Portuguese, which is not an option at all, there are only a few languages you can select when writing a pattern here.
Also, I was not implying there are problems with language here, I just think it would help crafters reach a larger audience.


Thanks for sharing! We would love to be able to support more languages!
We don’t have a timeline quite yet but this is definitely on our radar.

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I’m curious as to how it would look like written out Would it be something like

Row 1 (in English)

Row 1 (in Portuguese)

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I think the ideal would be to have a button to select the language and for the entire pattern to appear in the way you choose. As happens when you want to change the crochet type from UK to US. Well, a button next to those two options with the language that the creator of the pattern has written.


Once they add more languages (thought I read that Spanish was next in line, but don’t quote me on that because I don’t know for sure…), that would be cool, to push a button and have it automatically translate into that language. Only if it worked way better than Google translate would it be a good idea.


I was not exactly thinking about translating, it’s just I suppose there are more people here that can write a pattern in more than one language themselves, like I could, so having an option to make the pattern in multiple languages them giving the crafter the option to switch to the language they want would be cool.

I was thinking in something like seeing just the language you want, like when a pattern has multiple sizes and we can choose to see just the size we want.