Motivation went on a vacation

Well, I’ve had a burst of motivation a while ago and now I’m struggling to pick up the hook. I’ve at least 3 unfinished projects lying around, one I started 3 years ago… :flushed: And there are many more projects I really wanna create… Hnf.

How do you cope when your motivation goes on a long vacation. :neutral_face:
And those old unfinished projects… that just keep on haunting you… How do I get myself do just sit down and finish them?
Any tips or tricks? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:
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My grandmother used to say “The hardest part of doing dishes is getting started.” Maybe it’s the same for you. Just do a bit.


Same thing happened to me, the way I got my motivation back was…
I made something for me, something easy that I had been wanting to make.
Then, I made something for someone else and their smile lit up my day.
Find some AMAZING music that is good to crochet to and make a playlist!

There you go, I did all that and I am currently crocheting like crazy.


Just do 5 minutes a day, one can do anything for 5 minutes. If you feel like you’re in a roll great, if not - just do 5 minutes a day.
Sometimes we don’t get started because we feel overwhelmed. I had like 20 WIPS, the ones I didn’t enjoy doing Ijust frogged the project.


someone I follow on youtube has 30 min set aside everyday for her slog work (stuff you started and aren’t motivated to do, or long projects that you are tired of working on.). It’s amazing how fast that time goes and the things she was able to do in 2 weeks time to check off her list. you could do that and promise yourself something you really want to start, or maybe chocolate, oh yeah, chocolate, chocolate is much better ;p.


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